Academic Degrees:

1. MSc Advanced Computer Science 2. BSc Computer Science both from University of Manchester

Commerical Projects:

    • PROJECT 1 application: Data Science Bootcamp Oct - Nov 15

      S2DS Data Science Training with Opensensors

      • description: Training at Opensensors funded by ODI on Heathrow Noise/Air Quality

      • Component 1 Import and Analysis of Open Data using Python developing an API release

      • Component 2 A Javascript interface with D3 and Google Maps for a platform for further analysis

    • PROJECT 2 application: Data Analytics Jul Aug 15

      College of Contemporary Health

      • description: Online Interface with PHP and Processing from Google Analytics

      • Component 1 Google Analytics Data Analysis

      • Component 2 PHP Javascript HTML CSS Website to develop Insights

    • PROJECT 3 application: Data Analysis/Software Development Jul Aug 12

      Statoil AS

      • description: JavaScript frontend with Perl Scripting and Gephi for Data Analysis

      • Component 1 Open Source Network sensor implemented with Perl Scripting to format Dataset

      • Component 2 Javascript WebGl Interface and Gephi implementation

    • PROJECT 4 application: Business Intelligence Analyst

      Alliance Boots

      • description: Providing Business Intelligence report using SQL Server and Excel

      • Component 1 Requirement Gathering from End Users

      • Component 2 Report development from SQL Server and Excel

    • PROJECT 5 application: Software development

      Mercer HR Consulting

      • description: Validation and calculation of datasets using VBA, Excel and Access

      • Component 1 Import datasets, scoping and developing validation methods

      • Component 2 Calculating new metrics for datasets using VBA and Excel and Access

    • PROJECT 6 application: Academic MSc Advanced Computer Science Project Jan - Sep 14

      Animating 3D Avatars

      • description: A C/C++ and QT calculation of novel Motion Capture sequences from existing

      • Component 1 C Modules to import, calculate new Sequences from a Motion Graph, test and export

      • Component 2 Qt Interface for setting parameter, visualising data and querying

    • PROJECT 7 application: Academic BSc Computer Science Project Jan - Jun 10

      3D Models from 3 2D Images

      • description: A Java app to produce a 3D Model from 3 2D Images

      • Component 1 Import of similar points on 3 2D images and project to 3D Space

      • Component 2 An input for setting parameters and displaying results

    • PROJECT 8 application: Data Science Blog

      Node on the Edge

      • description: A Data Science blog specialising in Network Data Visualisation

      • Component 1 Review of Data Science Tech, Theories and Opinions

      • Component 2 Example of Data Science Problems and Solutions