• PROJECT 2 application: Data Analytics Jul Aug 15

      College of Contemporary Health

      • description: Setup of Google Analytics with a custom Online Interface for Processing and
      • Storing insights highlighted by internal experts analysing Google Analytics output

      • Component 1 Google Analytics Data Analysis

      • Component 2 Custom Interface in PHP Javascript HTML CSS Website to develop and store Insights

  • Developing an extensive Google Analytic analysis of website performance, potential, e-commerce and marketing.
  • Developed Javascript/D3.js portal to collate all data and analysis to find actionable insights.
  • Develop custom data analysis of Moodle system to find users performance, opinion and engagement in actionable insights.
  • Training the users on customised process to analyse data sources to find the optimum insights.
  • Improvement to platforms from Javascript, WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP to MySQL.
Component 1 Google Analytics Data Analysis
  • Aim -

    Setup Google Analytics on Company Website. The aim is to increase sales through the website by understanding how potential customers view, use and what their opinion is of the website.

    The collecting of large amount of data on user views, actions and opinions while on the site and correlating it to internal sales and business development experts to product actionable insights.

    These actionable insights are then in the form of technical or content updates which be trialed using A/B testing to see if they improve sales. These actionable insights shall parsed to COMPONENT2 to be annotated and stored for further reflection.

  • Application -

    A Company Website Data Analysis to increase Sales and awareness through the Website using Google Analytics. It took data sources from Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Excel, internal and external datasets.

  • Method


    + ++Internal and External Datasets

Component 2 Custom Interface to process and store insights
  • Aim -

    Setup a customised Website to collect all action insights identified by employees and internal experts. Provide a method to collaboratively discuss the Google Analytics reports while documenting the insights in the customised website.

    This then presents the team with a set of potential insight for further discussion and evaluation. Once agreed on which are actionable insights i.e are useful and can be implemented. They are filter in the customise website through a easy to use form and stored for further evaluation.

    This is done while constantly evaluating the Google Analytics reports, custom website recommendations, opinions of employees and any other reports.

    This is then evaluated and schedule when to do implementations and which are to be A/B tests implementations and evaluated for what more data source would be useful and insight required.

  • Application -

    A Custom website for collaboration when viewing Google Analytics.

      It provides steps
    • to manage the identifying of insight from Google Analytics
    • to filter insight into actionable insights
    • to schedule improvements
    • to evaluate new potential required insights data sources and user requirements
    • Method


      + +

Production Structure
  • Development Approach

    Agile SCRUM Development

    • Morning 10min Meetings - Updates, problems, progress on tasks and plans on tasks

    • Kanban - plan and schedule of tasks,

      order tasks for most efficiency in production, testing, improving, deploying

      Recording problems

    • Resource log - Collect possible resources and send to internal experts to solve problems

    • Continuous integration - constant re affirming, re assessing, gathering new requirements

    • Test Driven Development - Developing tests of the application and use these to produce application

    • Sprints - Sprints were planned and evaluated in a lean manner in 1 week sprints

    • Prototyping - A constant prototype was produced with a functioning prototype being available at the end of each sprint

    • Product Owner, Scrum Master and Production Team Member -

      These role were clearly define with myself as the only Production Team member producing this application

    Main Tasks

    Requirement Gathering - Evaluation of the aim with internal domain experts and employees to define a set of achievable requirements. This was done through close collaboration and short scheduled discussion with employees to refine these requirements. This was done iteratively until I had a much better understand of the company's domain and main goals which could be achieved with the resources.

    Project Scoping - The time and resources for each of the requirements done with collaboration with resource owners and employees.

    Project Planning - The Defining 4 Types of End User of the Website and how to identify them from the data source. This was done with project manager and was presented as a plan to begin production.

    Development - This was done iteratively using the Agile SCRUM method while having close collaboration and evaluation by employees to manage any changing requirements, resources or schedules.

    Prototyping - There was a prototype available at the end of each sprint which was evaluated my employees

    Testing - This was done throughout with test being developed early and directing production. Extensive testing was done on the application before presenting and deploy. Evaluation were done while producing the application once specific requirements were met employee evaluated a prototype

    Presenting - Presenting to the CEO and all employees of the Company - Overview of the project aims, application, future extensions and demonstration of the users

    Training end users - This was done once the application was completed with ability to improve the application if employee required to edit any elements of it. This was done through training days and tutorials with employees using it.

  • Evaluation

    A start to Data Analysis with important actionable insight identified and implemented.

    A Segmentation of potential customers to better understand potential customers requirements from the website.

    Refining of knowledge about the potential customers with information about usage, approach and behaviour.

    An Overview of activity on the website on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

    A collection of this activity highlighting the increases, decreases and spikes

    A method to collaborately evaluate insight to develop and store actionable insight and implement them

  • Future Improvements

    • Gather more data from the website such as cursor location
    • Produce more A/B testing to clarify if actionable insights are accurate
    • Compare dataset to other similar website to evaluate conversion rate, sales and awareness
    • More analysis data source to better identify the User Segmentations from how they use the website
    • Develop or implement machine learning methods to better predict each user segmentation
    • Develop a survey or questionnaire for end users to gather their opinions
    • Better coordinate the data analysis, aims, sales and evaluation of them
    • Develop a dashboard more customised to the aims of the Company

      • To help better understand the data gathered and what it represents

      • How this could become actionable insights

      • to help expert make better evaluation of how user are using the website